Step 0: Register

Activate Jar2Exe to generate exe files as products


The register step is to activate Jar2Exe. After activation, generated exe files of this Jar2Exe can be redistributed to your customers as a product. Without registration, all features will not expire for developing use.

You can activate Jar2Exe online with your username and password on this website, or offline with a register user name and register key.


Input your username and password, then click "Activate" to activate Jar2Exe online, or input the Register User and Register Key, then click "Activate" to activate Jar2Exe offline.

Machine ID

The register key for "Personal License" is associated with this Machine ID. This Machine ID is required when your create your own register key at .

For "Standard License", you can ignore this Machine ID.

Username/ Reg User & Password / Reg Key

You can input your "username" and "password" of your account on this website, and "Activate" online.

Or input a "Register User" and "Register Key" and "Activate" offline.


To activate Jar2Exe with your "username + password" or "Register User + Key".


A hyperlink to the Jar2Exe v2.0 purchase page.

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Nevermind, I'll reinstall.


Noooo! Reinstalling doesn't work :(


Yes, it is :)

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