Pack Depended Jars into Exe

Depended jar libraries can be packed into exe files together


Besides your java program, depended jar libraries can be packed into exe file together. So you can make a single exe file from "java program + depended third-party jar files". If you selected one of the "protect" option for your main java program, the depended jar files can be selected to be protected too.

Embedded in Exe Directly

Jar2Exe does NOT extract depended jar files to generate a new big jar file, instead, Jar2Exe embeds depended jar files directly into exe without destroying jar's structure. If 2 or more jars contain different resources with the same file name, they will not confilicts and you can get all of them through ClassLoader.

Not protected:

If "protect" option not selected, the generated exe file may be extracted by some compress software.

Hide protect:

If "hide protect" option selected, the main jar file is hidden and the jar file content cannot be extracted. If you selected to protect a depended jar file, the depended jar file can be protected too.

Encrypt protect:

If "encrypt protect" option selected, the jar file is encrypted before it is hidden into exe file.

Load Resources from Embedded Jar File

If a depended jar file is embedded into exe file, the classes and resources in the jar is loaded through a special ClassLoader.

 See Protected Resource for details.

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