Technical Specifications

This page introduces main features of Jar2Exe


Jar2Exe is a tool to wrap jar files into binary exe files for Windows and Linux. You can get to know more about Jar2Exe on this page.

Wizard Mode and Command Line Mode

Jar2Exe can run as a Wizard Window, so it is easy to use, thus you can follow its steps to select jar, select options and generate exe file. And also Jar2Exe can run at Command Line, you can pass jar filename and options by parameters.

At the last step of Wizard, Jar2Exe can export a equivalent "command line string", with which you can do the same generate process at command line. So to use Jar2Exe at command line is easy too.

 You can get more details on Wizard and Command Line page.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Jar2Exe runs on Windows, but Jar2Exe can generate exe files for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Some features are OS dependent, so not all features on Windows are supported on Linux and Mac OS X.

 You can get more details on Windows and Linux page.

Both 32 and 64 Bits Supported

Jar2Exe has two editions to install, 32 bits edition and 64 bits edition.

32 bits edition of Jar2Exe can generate 32 bits exe files only. 64 bits edition of Jar2Exe can generate both 32 and 64 bits exe files. 64 bits of Jar2Exe and 64 bits generated exe files cannot run on 32 bit OS.

 You can get more details on Both 32 and 64 Bits Supported page.

3 Types of Applications

Jar2Exe can generate "Console", "Windows GUI", "Service" 3 types of applications. For Linux, there is no difference between "Console" and "Windows GUI", so there are 2 types on Linux. Since V2.1.2, the three types of applications are supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

 You can get more details on 3 Types of Applications page.

Class Protection

If jar file is converted into exe with "protect" option checked, the class files cannot be extracted from generated exe.

Generated exe uses a special ClassLoader to load protected classes and resources. If your program has something to do with ClassLoader, use "Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader()" to load protected resources.

Depended Jars

Jar2Exe can pack depended jar libraries into generated exe together. If "protect" option checked, the depended jar file is protected from being extracted too.

 Get more details on Pack Depended Jars into Exe page.

Icon and Version

This feature is supported on Windows only. It is supported to select an icon and compose a "version and copyright" information for the generated exe file. The icon file can also be used as system tray icon.

 You can get more details on Exe Icon and Version page.

Configure Assistant

Generate exe file is configurable. Jar2Exe provides a configure assistant to help configure exe.

 Get more details on Exe Configure Assistant page.




Hello I am looking for options to convert a jar to exe,

will this include JDK along with the exe or the user should have a specific version of JDK downloaded to use the exe created.


do clarify.




need help

i want to remove it but it doesnt work help me please

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