Hello Stdout Redirect

A simple console program.


A simple console program to show stdout redirection. The redirection is enabled through configuration file.

1. Edit a java source file: "X:\demos\src\hello\HelloStdRedir.java"

package hello;

public class HelloStdRedir {

     * @param args
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Write something through System.out
        System.out.println("Hello, System.out!");
        // Write something through System.err
        System.err.println("Hello, System.err!");
        // Show a default printStackTrace
        new Exception().printStackTrace();


2. Enter "X:\demos" directory and compile it to a class file:

X:\>cd demos
X:\demos>javac src/hello/HelloStdRedir.java

3. Make a jar file:

X:\demos>jar -cvf hellostdredir.jar -C src hello/HelloStdRedir.class

4. Use Jar2Exe to generate exe file for Windows and Linux separately:

X:\demos>j2ewiz hellostdredir.jar /m hello.HelloStdRedir
X:\demos>j2ewiz hellostdredir.jar /m hello.HelloStdRedir /platform linux

5. Edit a configuration file: "X:\demos\hellostdredir.cfg"

stdout out.log
stderr err.log

Now we can execute the "hellostdredir.exe".

6. Download the program for reference.

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