Solution Advice: Console tool

A console tool is started at command line with arguments.


If your java program is a tool to start at command line with arguments, this advice will show you the complete solution by Jar2exe, with a live demo.


With Jar2Exe, you can start your java program from an exe file instead of a bat file. The VM parameters can be put into config , so the only file you need to redistribute is a single exe file.

This type of programs are usually small programs (<10M) for download, so you need not ship a whole 'jre' with your program. Instead, you can let the exe file prompt user to download and install JRE following your instructions.

Features used

We advise you to use following features in your solution:

Feature Advice Introduction How to enable

Minimum JRE


If you use a feature of JRE since a certain version, you'd better prompt user the minimum version. For example, regular expression since 1.4.

At Step 1, select a min version



If you want to protect your program from being extracted and decompiled, you can select to encrypt it.

At Step 4, check the encrypt option

Custom messages


Prompt user to download JRE from in your own words.

At Step 6 > Version & Messages, edit the message

Config internal


Put configs such as VM parameters internal into exe, in order to let your program a single exe file.

At Step 6 > Config Internal

Program icon


Add a program icon to the exe file. A console tool is usually started at command line, so a program icon is not necessary.

At Step 6 > Version & messages

Steps with live demo

You can refer to this live demo to know this solution.

  1. Write the java program: (download here)
    import java.util.regex.*;
    public class SvnDumpUp {
         * Entry point of tool, arguments of exe file will be passed to main() as arguments
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
            if(args.length < 2)
                // print Usage here if user does not pass in parameters
                System.out.println("Usage: svndumpup <dumpfile> <parent-to-remove>");
  2. Compile into class file and then pack into a jar file: 'svndumpup.jar'.
  3. Start Jar2Exe, at step 1, click Browse Jar and select 'svndumpup.jar'.
  4. At step 1, click the Min box and edit it to 1.4.2.
  5. At step 2, select Console application.
  6. At step 3, select the main class
  7. At step 4, check the "Encrypt and hide class files" option.
  8. At step 6, click "Version & Message", then
    1. At "Product Info" tab, click Add to add a program icon.
    2. At "Custom message"  tab, click the item "1", then type a new message in Edit box "Please download JRE at ".
    3. Press OK to close this popup dialog.
  9. At step 6, click "Config Internal", add some config item if you need, then press OK to close.
  10. Click next to create the 'svndumpup.exe' file.



window disappears immediately

window disappears immediately after the execution of the program, how to put it on pause?

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