Jar2Exe Wizard Mode

Wizard Mode is easy to use


Jar2Exe is easy to use. You can simply follow its steps to make your exe files from jar files.

Some features are OS dependent, so if there is a "Not Support Linux", maybe this concept does not exist on Linux, or Jar2Exe has not implemented for Linux. See Windows and Linux page for details.

If there is a "Not Authorized" on some of the buttons, it means that your Jar2Exe has not been registered, you can use not-authorized features for developing use only. If you want to redistribute generated exe to others, you need to purchase a Standard License. See License page for details of licenses.

Wizard Steps

Jar2Exe Wizard has 8 steps all, 6 steps is for creating exe file, one step for registration of Jar2Exe, one step for configuration after generated.

Step 0: Register

Register step is to activate Jar2Exe. After activation, generated exe files of this Jar2Exe can be redistributed to your customers as a product. Without registration, all features will not expire for developing use.

You can activate Jar2Exe online with the username and password of your account at this site (http://jar2exe.com) after purchase. Or activate Jar2Exe with "Register User" and "Register Key" if you purchase from RegNow.

Step 1: Select Jar

The Select Jar step is to select a jar file or a classes directory, which you want to generate to exe file.

At this step, you can select minimum java.version required for your program. You can select a target platform to generate a exe file for.

Step 2: Select Type

To Select what type of exe file to generate from the jar file. There are 3 types for Windows, 2 types for Linux.

Step 3: Main Class

The Main Class step is to select a class as the entrance of your java program, which has "public static void main(String [] argv)" defined.

If you selected "Windows GUI type" at the previous step, you can select a picture to be the spash window.

If you selected "Service type" for Windows, you need to configure the Service Name at this step.

Step 4: Protect

To select the type of class protection.

To enable System Tray and Event Log function of generated exe for Windows.

Step 5: Depend Jars

You can select depended jar libraries to be packed into exe file.

If one of the protect option is selected at the previous step, you can select depended jar files to be protected from being extracted.

Step 6: Output

The Output step is to select an exe file name to be generated. If it is for Windows, you can edit its version information and select icon files for it.

Step 7: Finished

You can create a configuration file for generated exe by the help of "Configure Assistant" at the last step.


General Artical

heipfull information for more detail visit link


Part of the application does not work

Hi, I have reporting part in my java application that is i create reports using dynamic reports https://dynamicreports.lbayer.com/

i have all the jar files in classpath it works on jar also on exe created with other tool but exe created using jar2exe does not print my report in my application could u please help me how could i solve this.


Remove license

How to remove the license from pc to install in other?

Only uninstall?

Add jar protected

How can I use a jar protected by means of the console.

So I do not see the option to do it

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