Jar2Exe.com is new HOME of 'Jar2Exe' software, moved from http://www.regexlab.com/jar2exe/ on 2012-10. Jar2Exe is actively upgraded and maintained since 2006. It is widely used all around the world in Java redistribute solutions.

Contact information of us:

Email webmaster@jar2exe.com
Telephone +86 135 2736 2811
Skype live:sswater
Google Talk sswater@gmail.com
2-2-19-6, Yangguang Shuicheng, Xiao Yanggongqiao 120#
Shapingba District, Chongqing, China 400030

It is preferred to contact us through email. We are eager to hear from you for any idea, any topic, such as:

  • Meet some problems when using Jar2Exe.
  • Require Jar2Exe to provide a new feature that you need to use.
  • Need our assistance to make a solution of your product.
  • How to solve the problem of global warming.