To specify a JRE by path


Generated exe can use a JRE directory specified by a path. The path can be an absolute path or a relative path to 'jvm.dll' on Windows, 'libjvm.so' on Linux in the JRE directory.

  • On Windows, 'jvmdll' should be followed by a path to 'jvm.dll', for example:
    jvmdll C:\jdk1.5\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll
  • On Linux, 'jvmdll' should be followed by a path to 'libjvm.so', for example:
    jvmdll /usr/java/jdk/jre/lib/i386/client/libjvm.so

For Copied JRE Directory

If a JRE directory is copied, not installed, jvmdll is useful to let generated exe to use the copied JRE directory.

To Select the Proper Library

In a JRE directory, there may be more than one 'jvm.dll' files ('libjvm.so' on Linux), for example 'client\jvm.dll' and 'server\jvm.dll', jvmdll configure item can be used to specify one of them explicitly.

JRE Find Order

Configure item 'jre_order' is to specify JRE find order. Letter 'c' stands for the JRE specified by jvmdll item.

The default value of jre_order is 'cbsie', so generated exe will use the JRE specified by jvmdll if jvmdll exists. If letter 'c' is not in the value of jre_order, the jvmdll is ignored.

  • See jre_order page for details of specifying JRE find order.


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