Set a environment variable which is valid within the generated exe


Configure item 'export' is to define a environment variable. You can get its value by System.getenv() in java code.

For compatibility, the variable name should only contains letters, numbers and underscores.

Placeholder of Environment Variable

The environment variable defined by 'export' can be referred by other configure items. For example:

export APP_HOME=D:\Folder\AppDir\
property derby.system.home=%APP_HOME%/database/

Configure item 'export' can also refer to environment variable with a placeholder. They will not refer to themselves recursively, but the 'export' items are processed in sequence. For example:

export APP_HOME=D:\Folder\AppDir\
export PATH=%PATH%;%APP_HOME%/bin

A 'export' item cannot refer to environment variable value behind itself.

Process Order of 'export'

All the 'export' items are processed before other types of configure items, so a configure item other than 'export' can refer to every environment variables. If a environment variable is 'export'ed in more than one lines, a configure item other than 'export' can use the last value only.

To Overwrite CLASSPATH

By default, generated exe will use environment variable CLASSPATH and CLASS_PATH as declaraton of depended jar files. You can also overwrite these two variables to prevent being disturbed by environment variables. For example:

export CLASS_PATH=


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