Simple Java Ftp Server

A simple ftp server coded in Java


This is a simple ftp server without 'user manage', only Anonymous user supported. The ftp server is READONLY by default. It will use the "working directory" as the root directory of ftp service.

It reads two System properties if exists: "ftp.root" and "ftp.readonly". If System.getProperty("ftp.root") exists, the ftp server will use the value as the root directory. If System.getProperty("ftp.readonly") == "false", the Anonymous user will have the Read/Write access.

Install and Usage

The main program is a Service application, which cannot be executed directly. It should be installed and then started in background:

C:\>jftpsvr.exe install auto

Then start the service:

C:\>net start jftpsvr

Then you can connect this server with a ftp client.

Terms of Use - 218k, it is FREE to use. - 17k. We hope you can make a donation of $2 (or $5) if it is useful to you.


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