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Jar2Exe can run in Wizard mode and Command line mode.

Get detailed usage of Wizard mode, command line mode and generated binary files.


Parameters can be configured to generated binary executive, such as Java VM parameters, system properties etc.

This is the descriptions of configurations, including overview introductions and detailed syntax.

Integrate API

To integrate with generated exe is not necessary. But if you want to let some of the enhanced functions to work, you need to do a little of integration. Every api to integrate is very simple.

This is the introduction and usages of API.


You can learn to use Jar2Exe by referring to the demo programs.

Solution advices

Typical usage of Jar2Exe with detailed steps and live demos in practice.

Such as console tool, desktop window, background service, webapp etc.




After purchased, you need to activate Jar2Exe before you use Jar2Exe to generate exe files for redistributing. Activated Jar2Exe will authorize generated exe to run as a product.

This is to tell you how to activate.


Typical questions asked by Jar2Exe users.



64 bit exe could only run with 64 bit JRE

On 64 bit Windows, 32 or 64 bit of JRE can run. Both 32 and 64 can be installed together.

Your "java -version" shows that, your JRE is not 64 bit edition.

Jar2Exe doesn't recognize the main jar file

Tried the helloworld and it worked using the command line.

I then moved the jar and class files of the program to be exe'ed to the root directory (c:\) and successfully compiled the files and program. Thank you.

It seems that the directory where I currently have the files no longer is acceptable to Jar2Exe program. That was the cause of the Jar2Exe program not recognizing the main jar. Seems that Jar2Exe relies on Windows to locate the files where the "previously" compiled jar and class files resided. When the PC "user" location naming was changed,  Jar2Exe still looked for it in the directory under the older user. Probably a Windows created problem of providing the Jar2Exe program wrong location info.

I Cant Activate anymore

I order jar2exe in 2016 and know i can activate anymore, can you helpe me ? 

Warning Message "Java Runtime

Warning Message "Java Runtime Environment not found" is shown after trying to run generated EXE!

Not run app after signing "Code signing certificate"

Currently, I use trial version, and after I sign the exe file using "Code signing certificate", the app don't run and show error message: "the exe cannot be modified after it generated". Please help me to solve this issue.

If I purchase "Personal Base License", can this issue be resolved?


Is there other payment, not Paypal?

I want to purchase Personal License. Is there other payment, not Paypal? For example, Visa Card or Crypto Currency?

Because my paypal account has limited.

Unable to Generate Key

Dear Support Team;


I am unable to generate my laptop key. kindly help in this regard.


my username is msibtain and purchase jar2exe personal version.


Kindly help in this regard.

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


org.apache.jasper.JasperException: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.regexlab.product.KeygenTools

root cause

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.regexlab.product.KeygenTools

root cause

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.regexlab.product.KeygenTools

note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/6.0.26 logs.
Apache Tomcat/6.0.26

Jar2Exe Personal

Improve for personal Jar2Exe and I have not yet received the change

Activación de la licencia

Hola buenas tardes, alguien que me pueda colaborar no he podido realizar la activacion de la licencia comprada la orden de compra es 



De antemano gracias por la atencion prestada y por una pronta solucion


Extend trial

I sent an email requesting to extend the trial. I was told to create a new account, so I did. I get an email for one time login, I sign in. I then have a choice to send a password to my email but entering a captcha continually fails with the following message.... I guess I can't paste the message here.. It says session reuse attack detected. The answer you entered for CAPTCHA is not correct. I have tried using IE, OPERA, and Firefox. This is getting very frustrating in order to extend a trial for a product that I am interested in.




mac, linux not working

i had licensed 


but linux, mac file not working 


execute-> notting happend


please help 



Please `chmod +x yourbinaryfile` before run

Because the windows filesystem could not express the "execute" privilege, after you copy your generated binary file to Linux and Mac, please `chmod +x yourbinaryfile` first.

In the future release I'm thinking to generated a ".zip" file instead to contain the "execute" privilege.

Parameter /checksum:false doesn't work?

May you check command line parameter: /checksum:false 

It didn't work for me. But, it works well if I use GUI in j2ewiz.exe

I used available on your site version


This is very important for me, because I would like to use code signing for my EXE-file. 


I tried a trial version to convert jar to exe with encryption but my application didn't work properly and as I tried without encryption it works properly.. Pls give me any suggestions so that I can purchase license....

Which type and options have

Which type and options have you checked? You contact me directly by email:

The "checksum:false" can only be use after activated. Please make sure you are on the pc activated.



Yes. You are right. I just used jar2exe in a trial mode. (another window account was involved) 

Now it works fine! 




Java runtime not valid

I've just downloaded a demo version and tried building an .exe. The wizard seemed simple enough to use although it surprised me I never had to specify where the jre I'd like to use is. When I execute the .exe however I get the following error message:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_91/jre\bin\server/jvm.dll is not a valid Win32 application.

Java Runtime Environment not valid.

EXE crashing when using Hide or Encrypt option

I am creating a java APP and uging jar2exe to distribuite it as a exe file.

I have the following issue: when using the "Hide class files" or "Encrypt and hide class files" option my application craches when opening a certain JFrame for the second time. In other words:

1. I open my application: OK

2. I open a certain form to input some data: OK

3. I reopen the same form to input other data: crashes

Using other forms it is OK, I do not know what to look for.

If I use the original .jar or I do not use Hide or Encrypt option it works fine. 

Here is the generated error file:

What can I do?





Java Runtime Environment not found


I have the Java SDK installed. When I start the .exe generated by jar2exe, I get the error message: "Java Runtime Environment not found.".  So I installed the latest JRE, and I still get this error message.

May you please advise ?




"Modify" the final *.exe

Hi, how are you? I'm trying your product and it's perfect but, I have a question.

I want to pack my final exe generated with MoleBox (to improve security) and it's impossible because exe modifications is prohibited.

Is there any way to do it?


working with UTF-8 file names

Dear Sir/Madam:

It seems that the EXE file created by your JAR2EXE doesn't work with some file names containing "strange" characters.

How to correct this error?


.exe deleted by Antivirus

I have converted my .jar file to .EXE with my paid jar2exe converter,but the exe file is deleted by most of the antivirus like QuickHeal,Avast etc in 32 and 64 bit both,what should i do looking for a solution

jmx error


I test jmx example program

I compile and test this code in the ide.

I make jar and wrap with j2e.

but I didn't connect exe file with jconsole  local process


jmx is not running


This is config of my service.

/config "property" /config "property" /config "property"

and it's log

Line 5899: 2016-04-04 11:48:03.484 DEBUG 5308 --- [main] o.s.c.e.PropertySourcesPropertyResolver  : Found key '' in [systemProperties] with type [String] and value 'false' 

 but jmx is not running

Splash Screen


I setup everything and it works fine, except the splashscreen doesn't close. I tried it with both jpg and gif but it just stays on the screen. Is it possible to use the custome congif internal to close it after 3 seconds or something similar? If not how can I integrate it into my Java project as the documentation on the site is quite old and I wasn't able to do it.

Thank you,


Hi, is it possible to generate an exe file that is "digital signed", in order that if I put the exe file into a web server, available for a download, the browser wouldn't say "This file is made by an unknown author"?

Thanks a lot


File Version Bug?

On the latest version, I set the ‘File Version’ and ‘Product Version’ in the ‘Product Info’ tab, once I click OK, these values reset to defaults ( Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Liam

Como integro los reportes (JasperReport) en Jar2Exe?

Hola, ya logré sacar la ruta de ejecución del programa, y ahi coloco los reportes hechos en JasperReport, y si los toma, pero cuando los quiere compilar genera errores, y con el puro Jar no me pasa eso, espero me puedan proporcionar el soporte, estoy por comprar su programa, pero depende de esto.


Lost Drag and Drop


I have a java application that uses drag and drop fucntionalities and before I run it through Jar2exe it works fine but it doesn't with the exe generated after.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions to fix this?



Same problem

Hving the same problem as yours, any idea how to fix it?

The generated EXE is now officially a virus (??)

So, I have used this for a long time, but right today, my friend and I suddenly got in problems with 3 DIFFERENT ANTIVIRUSES! I guess it couldn't really be Java doing this?

F Secure - Best in test says dad :P - Says this:

My software is not known for being famous, but it's community is getting larger and larger.
Please help me as soon as possible!

WinService not installing


Im trying to run the command:

myservice.exe /install

The following message is displayed in the prompt after this command line:

"Service 'myservice' install failed, errors occurs.

A log file is created with the name: myservice.exe.stderr.log with 0k size. When I open this file and look inside for the error message, I notice that file is empty.

The activation of this product was done yesterday.

The funny thing is: in trial version of jar2exe, no errors occured.

Any help?

Make sure run as administrator

First, please make sure to run as administrator.

Then, not success yet, please tell me more about the problem, which version of OS ?


Include .dll files on generated .exe


I would like to know if it there is some methods to include .dll files which do not appear in JRE/bin folder (ex. rxtxSerial.dll). I tried to include a .zip which contains the .dll file but using NetBeans (the IDE which help me to develop my Java application) but my .exe does not work without rxtxSerial.dll put on the same folder. Can I resolve this problem with J2E? Or with NetBeans?

Thanks in advance.




I have a webapp which is built without a web.xml. It uses spring's Java Config to configure most of the configurations that would have been done via web.xml in the past.

I am trying to create a windows gui app out of it. I am able to package it all with embedded tomcat and create an exe. On executing the exe, the tomcat starts successfully, but the application is not available. THis is a working app and have been tested on a regulatr tomcat. So the packaging is all correct.

Do we have to do something special for a spring we app without a web.xml?



Web APP with Spring

I am also facing the same issue as Jagdish,

My spring based web application is not working, 



Memory options for service


I am using Jar2Exe successfully to run my Java application as a Windows service. Would I now need to do is to increase the working memory for the Java application, like. e.g. adding  "-Xmx1024m -Xms1024m to a Java command line.

Is it possible to do the same with the generated Windows service? If so, where is the right place to add the options?


Thank you for your help

- Walter

Problem open Main ?

I'm testing jar2exe. I created my project but when I try to open exe file returns an exception

here the problem:

I'm using: JVM 1.8 and Jar2Exe Wizard 2.1

How can I solve this problem ?


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