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Activate Jar2Exe after purchased


After purchased, you need to activate Jar2Exe before you use Jar2Exe to generate exe files for redistributing. Activated Jar2Exe will authorize generated exe to run as a product.

Orders are processed automatically and immediately. After purchasing, you can "Activate" Jar2Exe with your "username / password" and you can also create your "register user / key" at http://www.jar2exe.com/regkeys/ .


Once purchased, you can "Activate" Jar2Exe with your "username / password" of your account at this website or "register user / key" created from http://www.jar2exe.com/regkeys/ .

Please note that, if you activate Jar2Exe using "username / password", internet is required. The program will open http://www.jar2exe.com/regkeys/ and create a "register user / key" and use that key automatically.

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Have you activated your Jar2Exe

I have found your activate log in System. Have you successfully activated? Now I have copied your register key and sent it to your email.

If any problems, contact me. Thank you very much for purchasing.

You can activate a new one now.


Thank you for your message. You can see your activation log at http://www.jar2exe.com/user/login?destination=regkeys .

Your have activate 2 machines, and you can activate a new one after your first activation is 30 days ago. So you should be able to activate a new one already because your first is on Aug 8,2013. So please try again. Any problem, contact me here or by email webmaster@jar2exe.com .


Sswater Shi

Can`t get my key

I bought Jar2Exe personal license $29.99 today, and i cant get my key... is there any way i can send the info about the payment so i can get it?

Upgrade from v1.8

I purchased Jar2Exe v1.8 Enterprise Edition - Site License about 4 years ago, and I am glad to see that the v2.1 has supported linux and Mac opertation system. It's great!

I have send a mail to the support@jar2exe.com, please help me upgrade to the lastest standard license.

Thanks you so much!

Multiple keys/users on Standard licence


I purchased the "Standard licence" for my Company use - but how do I register a second user / PC on my account? 

The "Register Keys" (plural) only allowed me to register one - I see no option to "add" a second one.



Activated Jar2exe have reached the number of licenses

I had to format my two laptops several times in last two months due to some issues.

I activated first one last month successfully but today second laptop gives me error message that

'Activated Jar2exe have reached the number of licenses' as far as I know two installations are allowed right?

I can not activate my purchase

Hello, I bought the Standard license (USD 145) without having previously created a user.
I already have the confirmation email that indicates the serial number and the name of the user.
As they ask me to log in to activate my purchase, I have registered using my same email, but I do not see the registration key.
Using the same program Jar2Exe I enter the user and serial but it generates error.
Help me please. Thank you

License type exchange

Hello, I had purchased the Personal license and had already registered and activated the program.
Today I bought the Standard license, I already created the key on the site, how do I change the key in the program, because it keeps giving the message "The generated exe file is not authorized to be redistributed"

Activating on second system


I activated product on one system and now i don't have that system anymore, how can i use my license key on my new system, when i tried it says not activated.

Appreciate your help.


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