Double click on Linux

Let generated binary file for Linux can be launched by double-click


Any generated executable binary file from Jar2Exe is both an executible file and a shared library file. On Linux, when it is double-clicked from file manager window, the file manager detects it a shared library first, so usually the binary fails to be started. On Windows and Mac, there is no such problem.

So, to be launched by double-click on Linux, a program must not be a "shared library", it can be an executable binary file only.


We rename the generated binary file of Jar2Exe to a ".so" file, and then we use another empty starter program to launched it, then the empty starter file can be double-clicked. The empty starter will search the corresponding executable file with the same filename as itself plus a ".so" and launch it.


Steps of this advice:

  1. Rename your generated executable file of Jar2Exe to append a ".so". For example, if your program is "game1", then rename it to "".
  2. Download the empty start program and extract it.
  3. Rename the downloaded empty start program to your program name. For example "game1". Please choose the correct 32 bits or 64 bits.
  4. Put the empty start program "game1" and the generated binary "" in one folder.
  5. The the "game1" can be started from command line or from double-click.




"Invalid url:'/home/LEGOlord208/Desktop/Krake' given, exiting


No ':' in the url."


On a virtual machine running ubuntu



       I have tried running the binary file on linux. I am getting various errors from "jre-not found", to "servcie...locked...." JRE is not packaged with the binary file. So, I unchecked the option in "Bundeled JRE './jre/'  ". The options selected are

1.Installed Sun JRE,

2. JAVA_HOME specified.

3. Specified in config.

Sun java is installed (Java 7) is installed on the linux machine. 

Do i need to add anything to classpath ? (It is kept empty)


The application should run in console mode. I tried the steps from one of the posts I copied the jre to the place where the binary files are placed in file system. 

 Please provide with detailed steps on running an executable on Linux. (If there is any documentation for the same)



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